We focus on providing exceptional quality, multi-specialty dental care under one roof in a pain-free, sedate environment regardless of the state your teeth are in or how long it has been since you have seen the dentist. We can help! We care, and we have seen it all.

Sedation dentistry allows our gentle and caring dentists and specialists to perform the work you need while you relax. Utilizing oral (pill) or IV sedation, we can accomplish in one visit what might have otherwise taken several appointments while you snooze.

General dental and cosmetic procedures can be done quickly and painlessly. Our on-premises dental laboratory provides us with quick, efficient and excellent cosmetic results. Click here to see our before and after pictures.


We are dedicated to achieving optimal results through superior patient care and personal attention. Our top priorities are attending to your individual needs, wants, and concerns.

Whether you need restorative or reconstructive work or desire a cosmetic makeover to straighten and whiten your teeth, we can help make your smile the vision of perfection you deserve. Contact us today to find out why our patients love and trust us. Call 201-991-1055 now.

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